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HondurasIRC Honduras at a glance      

The IRC team in Honduras is led by country coordinator Stef Smits

1 staff
1 hosted staff
7 projects
4 donors
10 partners, collaborations or working groups
120 thousand invested 

$ 5,420 Gross Domestic Product per capita PPP
#132 Human Development Index ranking
9,613 m3 Renewable water resource per capita

In Para Todos Por Siempre municipalities

285K population
37% to 91%
drinking water service levels range
46% to 94% sanitation service levels range

data from 2021
2007 IRC starts activities in Honduras
2012 launch Para Todos Por Siempre
2021-2029 implementation joint strategic plan with Water For People
2030 universal access to WASH in Honduras

The last mile challenge

Honduras is a middle-income country with close to universal access to water. Nevertheless, it faces challenges in delivering 'the last mile' WASH services to remote rural communities and pockets of poor citizens. The building blocks underpinning the water and sanitation sector still require strengthening. To achieve this major sector reform is required.

The everyone forever approach

The Para Todos Por Siempre (everyone forever) collective – bringing together municipalities, NGOs, national level WASH entities and donors – is advocating for key sector reforms with Government and is providing support in shaping that reform. At a local level it provides municipalities and their associations, and the NGOs that support them, with tools and solutions to drive access to universal WASH services.

Our unique contribution

Our work is shaped by the joint strategic plan under the Destination 2030 strategy with Water For People, and as part of the Para Todos Por Siempre collective. IRC is testing the model for scaling the 'everyone forever' approach. and is providing technical support to Para Todos Por Siempre network members to improve their functionality in governance, planning and monitoring.

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