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TitleAdaptation de la fourniture des services d’AEPHA au changement climatique et autres risques et incertitudes
Publication TypeResearch Report
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsBatchelor, C, James, AJ, Smits, S, IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre, The Hague, NL
Secondary TitleThematic overview paper / IRC
Pagination99 p.;7 fig.; 9 tab.; 4 boxes;
Date Published2011-07-01
Place PublishedThe Hague, The Netherlands
Keywordsaccess to sanitation, climate, sanitation services, water demand, water supply

Climate change has the potential to impact on both the supply and demand sides of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) delivery systems.  Some potential impacts are likely to be direct and very obvious (e.g. increased incidence of extreme floods that damage WASH infrastructure), whereas others are likely to be indirect, insidious and more uncertain in nature and severity (e.g. sea level rise leading to out-migration from coastal areas).  Just as importantly, potential climate change impacts may be exacerbated by other changes that are also subject to a high degree of uncertainty (e.g. increased competition for safe water between the WASH and agricultural sectors).  This Thematic Overview Paper (TOP) is targeted at WASH professionals and practitioners who recognise the need for climate change adaptation, but are not sure what to do or how to plan for it, and/or who themselves, may already be struggling with major challenges in improving or maintaining current WASH services. More specifically, this TOP recommends a range of practical and well-proven methods and tools for managing risk and uncertainty linked to climate change and other factors for WASH practitioners to use. The approach recommended is based on three principles, consistent with statements arising from the 2009 UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. [authors abstract]


Bibliography p. 92 - 95

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Translated TitleAdaptation of WASH services delivery to climate change, and other sources of risk and uncertainty
Citation Key71218

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