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TitleExperiences outils et methodes pour un developpement urbain partage : fiches d'experiences. Vol. 2 : Etudes de cas
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1996
AuthorsYaker, F
Secondary TitleSerie pratiques urbaines / ENDA
Pagination222 p. : tab.
Date Published1996-05-01
PublisherENDA Tiers Monde
Place PublishedParis, France
Keywordsbangladesh, case studies, colombia, community management, composting, dominican republic santo domingo, incineration, india maharashtra bombay, morocco figuig province tendrara, safe water supply, sdiurb, senegal rufisque, urban areas, wastewater recycling

The two volumes of 'Experiences outils et methodes pour un developpement urbain partage' aim to share good working practices from individual countries in the field of urban development, providing a platform for information and idea exchange and provoking reflection in this area. They provide examples of popular environmental initiatives with community participation as a key factor: numerous programmes, projects and community initiatives from the South are described, including the social, economic and potential factors which affect them. Volume 2 begins with a consideration of urban poverty including the structural causes of poverty and the space for innovation and participation. Drawing upon the NGO projects which make up the rest of the book, it links theoretical debates regarding urban poverty to practical examples of NGO work. Following this introductory chapter, eight detailed case studies are given of programmes or projects which aim to combat aspects of poverty. Examples of these innovative, and often effective, programmes are the provision of water and sanitation, recycling domestic water, cooperatives and associations to improve social integration within the community. Each case study provides a thorough and detailed description of the project and its social, political and economic environment, the problems with which it had to contend and the current state of the project. Although some of the projects still have to contend with serious obstacles, these case studies provide examples of lessons learnt by NGOs and show potential paths to more successful development.

NotesIncludes references
Custom 1205.40, 305.40
Original PublicationExperiences outils et methodes pour un developpement urbain partage : fiches d'experiences. Vol. 1 : Fiches d'experiences

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