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TitleProjet hydraulique villageoise Dosso - Niger : rapport de la mission d'evaluation tripartite (Niger / Pays Bas / Conseil de l'Entente)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsToro, H, Laoualy, K, van Woersem, B, Meinardi, C, Nugteren, M, Casse, M, Sastre
Pagination32 p.
Date Published1988-01-01
PublisherNiger, Direction Departementale Hydraulique
Place PublishedDosso, Niger
Keywordscommunity participation, evaluation, hand pumps, niger dosso, programme d'hydraulique villageoise conseil de l'entente / pays-bas dosso (niger), projects, recommendations, rural areas, training, tube wells, water supply, wells
NotesAttached annex: Formation des Aides-Plongeurs (4 p.)
Custom 1824
Translated TitleVillage water supply project Dosso - Niger : report of the tripartite evaluation mission (Niger / Netherlands / Conseil de l'Entente

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