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TitleRecommandations pour un usage sans risques de l'urine et des matieres fecales dans les systemes d'assainissement ecologique
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2004
VolumeRapport 2004-1
Paginationiii, 45 p. : fig. tab.
Date Published2004-01-01
ISBN Number9188714934
Keywordsaquaculture, excreta use, urine

The focus of this EcoSanRes report is on treatment and handling of faeces and urine, accounting for current information of risk management and circumscribing to a source-separation strategy.
The report deals subsequently with the following issues: disease-causing microorganisms in excreta; environmental transmission routes; regulations and guidelines in relation to the risks; treatments to sanitize excreta; practical recommendations in relation to agricultural use; alternative uses of urine and faeces; aquaculture; identified needs for further investigations and knowledge gaps; and indentified needs to adapt guidelines to local conditions. It concludes with recommendations on ecological sanitation toilets; on treatment and use of urine and faeces; and it addresses some practical aspects.

NotesBibliography: p. 42-45
Translated TitleGuidelines for the safe use of urine and faeces in ecological sanitation systems

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